Photo of a Couple at the Dauphin Island Bird SanctuaryIf you just booked an Alabama beach vacation through Dauphin Island Beach Rentals and you love birds, then you’re in for a treat! Dauphin has been deemed “America’s Birdiest City” for three consecutive years. It’s time to clean the lenses on your bird-watching binoculars and head down to the local Dauphin Island bird sanctuary. Who knows what aviary friends you might meet!

Audubon Bird Sanctuary

We hope you remembered to bring hiking boots on your Alabama family vacation because the Audubon Bird Sanctuary stretches across 164 acres of beautiful woodlands. Walk amid pines, magnolias, oaks, and marshlands along the Gulf Coast in search aviary delights. You’re bound to see local birds such as warblers, egrets, and herons. You may also spot a few neotropical migrants as the American Bird Conservancy has classified Dauphin Island as a “Global Import Bird Area.” Their extensive trails feature educational signs that will help inform you on the lay of the land and migratory birds.

Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuary: Prime for Spring Migration

When it comes to the spring migration, there’s no place better to be than the Dauphin Island bird sanctuary. Book a migration tour with Audubon Bird Sanctuary to discover all the prime bird-watching spots. If you’d rather fly solo, then consider taking this aviary checklist with you when you explore these fantastic bird-watching spots:

If you’re interested in biodiversity, you’ll definitely want to swing by the coastline, lakes, and ponds. Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or if you’re just getting started, there’s something new to discover at the Dauphin Island bird sanctuary. 

Birds Who Flock Together Stay with Us

Your Dauphin Island beach rental is perfect for an extended birdwatching weekend. You’ll have easy access to the Dauphin Island bird sanctuary and a plethora of other birdwatching opportunities. For more tips on aviary sights, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-771-1480. We’re happy to help.